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Hamilton Heritage Bed and Breakfast

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Time waits for no man

I am amazed as to how quickly our time passes, it is just a blink of an eye and here we are in 2019, I remember all the Huff and Puff and carry on about the beginning of the new era the coming of January 1st 2000!  now some 19yrs have passed and our lives have continued some standing still and some moving forward at a impressive rate of knots.

We here at Hamilton Heritage have done both, we started our journey into the Hospitality Industry with some trepidation and a lot of Hope and nervous energy,  these past 19yrs have been so rewarding, we have meet so many wonderful people, who have left us wonderful reviews, returned time and time again, have become welcomed friends, we appreciate each and every one of you who have walked through our door for so many different reasons and left wishing us wonderful heartfelt wishes with gratitude for taking care of them with a happy heart.

We have loved the numerous Furchildren that have come with their Forever Families, we have been warmed by the beautiful rescue stories and to see the love and gratitude in the furchild's eyes towards the generous, loving people who have been their rescuer.   Priceless stories the make my heart sing and my soul soar, beautiful Earth Angels that have shared their time with us and allowed us to glimpse a small snippet of their rescued furchild's story.

People from all walks of life, from various countries around the world, who would never have passed through our lives if we had not opened our doors, it has been beyond my wildest dreams, yes it has been a very successful business in terms of what business is all about, but the benefits and the intangible rewards far exceed the tangible.

So many different conversations, so many different points of view, so many different personalities, so many different customs, but over the breakfast table we solve the challenges of the world.


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Treasure Your Time

Time is such a fleeting thing in all our lives, lately I seem to open my eyes at it is always Sunday, days just have a habit of passing by so quickly, Sunday is our day with my Mum she is now at the amazing age of 96 and Sundays is our Making Memories with Mum Day, but lately I close my eyes on Sunday Night and I seem to open them on Sunday Morning, what has happened to the week between amazes me, there are the same amount of seconds, minutes, hours in each and every day but they pass by in such a blur.  Why is that so many people agree that their weeks and years are flying past at an enormous pace, is it that we are just too busy and forget to take the time to just drift through a day like we did when the pressure of having to keep the roof above our heads and the banks from our door. 

Just putting some thoughts out there.

August 2018

Been too Busy to Blog.

Where does time go?  I ask myself this almost every day, I blink and it is another week or another month, when the Bed and Breakfast is busy time waits for no-man, the routine of Breakfasts, Turn Rooms Around, Greet new Guests, Go to Bed, and repeat the same routine daily with a few hours stolen at the moment to go see the Mighty Humpbacks on their Migration to warmer waters where they have their new babies and mate, days turn into weeks and before one knows it another month has finished.

We have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people, ever so appreciative of a great nights sleep and a wonderful breakfast, their words not mine, and did I mention all the wonderful furchildren that have also come to stay, all with amazing stories and some rescue stories that make you cry from sheer joy when you see how happy and adjusted and loved the rescued furchild is today.

People from all walks of life pass through our doors and rest their weary heads and are revived, it is always exciting to discover the Ancestry stories, and share joy of discovery of that long lost ancestor. We seem to attract the people who are drawn to the beauty of Nature who appreciate the Arts in lots of different ways, those who view, study, write or perform, there is always a great conversation over breakfast about such things.

I look back on the 16yrs of operation of this Bed and Breakfast and feel very blessed that we have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people from all corners of our Globe.

We look forward to many more years of Operating our Little Haven on the Hill in Hamilton.

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The History of the Beautiful Early 1900 dwelling that has become Hamilton Heritage Bed and Breakfast.

Hamilton Heritage came into existence in 2001a long time dream of my husband Colin, he always wanted to own a Motel and it repulsed me, we had two high school children at the time and it was the last thing I wanted to do.  A couple of our friends took the step and bought a Motel one in Cobar and the other in Byron Bay, uprooting their families to partake this new adventure, my husband was not happy at all, as it had been something he had spoken about in length to both parties, they jumped on the wagon and I stopped his dream.

Life continued and our Daughter decided to pursue a Ballet career, I was adamant that she sit for her HSC but all she wanted was full time Ballet, so the only solution to satisfy both of us was to send her to a Ballet Academy in Sydney where she could also obtain her HSC, for this to happen we had to sell our home which was out of town so to speak and move in closer to Newcastle to be nearer to a Railway Station as she would board throughout the week and come home on the Friday night, so we found this delightful 1900 Brick/stucco Bungalow just a short walk to the Broadmeadow Station, the house was amazing it had all the original features that I had always dreamed of. 

When I was younger before marriage and living at Charlestown I belonged to a car pool of people who lived out my way and had to travel into Newcastle to the Water Board where we all lived, we traveled along what is now known as the Pacific Hwy bypass from Charlestown to Newcastle along Steward Avenue Hamilton, we passed by all the beautiful houses built between the 1887 and 1960s glorious architecture, return verandah, stained glass windows, I drooled each time we drove past them, vowing to one day live in one of them.

Well the time came many years later of course, because when we first married and were preparing to purchase a home the banks would not allow home loans on second hand homes as they called them, newly weds had to purchase new homes, so we ended up a good way out of town so to speak with our first home package.  Our children went to local primary schools but both ended up having to travel into Newcastle for High School, two buses per day each way, not leaving much time for any social life, at least they were not roaming the streets like the young ones seem to do today, because of too much time on their hands.

I seem to have gone off on a tangent, back to how this house of ours became a B&B, after the children had both left to pursue their own lives, our Son moved to Victoria and is School Teaching in the top end of the East Gippsland Rain forest, we just love to visit, and our Daughter off to fullfil her Dance Contract in Spain, England and Coribean and USA.   We were rattling around this big home on our own with our cats, friends children who lived out of town needing to be close to Uni and their School to sit the HSC came to stay with us, it was so nice to have some other people in the house. Then my Sister's friend's Daughter needed to come to Uni and had never been away from home before came to stay with us for her first year of Uni, she was independent, did her own thing so to speak, but another presence in the house, after her year ended and once more we were back to just us and the cats, Colin turned to me and said " You know this place would work really good as a Bed and Breakfast" I was stunned and almost ready to say No way, when the little voice inside the head reminded me that I had stopped him from having his Motel, so I agreed, and hense Hamilton Heritage was born.

We have been operating for over 15 yrs now and I have loved every minute of it, I love meeting the people and as Colin says often that we solve the world's problems over the Breakfast table, and there is always a fresh point of view and an interesting topic of conversation each and every morning.   I just adore meeting all the beautiful Fur children especially the little rescue dogs, they seem to have the most amazing understanding of how lucky they are to have a forever home.

This is at the moment a never ending story, but as the years progress and we head to the 3rd quarter of our lives I suppose the day will come that we will have to close the doors and take a long earned rest, but I am not ready to do any of that, I enjoy it all too much.   I suppose you could say I am a social person and it is so nice that the social side of life comes through my door every day.



* Great 1st visit and we have booked again, my furry friend loves it and will return with another furry friend."  Lorraine Mack,  Rockdale NSW


* "Great nights sleep, loved the compote!, Great for Jack our dog he loved it."  J & S Gibson ,Berowra NSW.


*"Although we only spent on night there, we were all very impressed with the accommodation.  We went as a Family and used all 3 rooms and also took our new puppy. They very kindly looked after him when we were out at a wedding, so that was an excellent service!    The breakfast was amazing! Plenty of it and a large choice which suited everyone."  D. Pryor, Sydney NSW


* "Made feel very welcome, lots of little extras included.  The hospitality was superb as was the presentation & food. Our dog was also welcomed as if their own."     Rob & Kim Testi, Glen Waverley VIC


*  "The personal touches and little luxuries such as flavoured teas and filtered coffee make you feel like a treasured friend rather than a guest".  Kathie Fokes, Scone  NSW


* "Laraine & Colin are beautiful people.  I felt extremly comfortable, like I was at home!! Their home is yours, that's amazing!!  Shannon Andrew Cowaramap WA.


 * "Very happy, friendly, lovely house, great breakfast, not staying in town again! Broughan Mackin  Miranda NSW


*. In one word: FABULOUS!  Francesca Pertici Livorno Italy.

* "It was really nice for our whole family - including our furchild - to be accommodated together in such a welcoming home.  Our room had everything we needed to make our stay comfortable.  It was so nice to have breakfast cooked for us - the kids enjoying crumpets and pancakes - before hitting the highway to finish our drive home. 
The directions were easy to follow and the accommodation is centrally situated in Newcastle.

Thank you Laraine and Colin for your lovely hospitality."        Desiree.

"Very friendly and helpful owners. Extremely convenient to everything I needed.  A little difficult to schedule a very early work start around Breakfast.  Loved the brekkies!   Stephanie.