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Treasure Your Time

Time is such a fleeting thing in all our lives, lately I seem to open my eyes at it is always Sunday, days just have a habit of passing by so quickly, Sunday is our day with my Mum she is now at the amazing age of 96 and Sundays is our Making Memories with Mum Day, but lately I close my eyes on Sunday Night and I seem to open them on Sunday Morning, what has happened to the week between amazes me, there are the same amount of seconds, minutes, hours in each and every day but they pass by in such a blur.  Why is that so many people agree that their weeks and years are flying past at an enormous pace, is it that we are just too busy and forget to take the time to just drift through a day like we did when the pressure of having to keep the roof above our heads and the banks from our door. 

Just putting some thoughts out there.

August 2018

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